The Mind to Mind Show

The Mind-to-Mind show is an incredibly entertaining display of mind reading and telepathy filled with audience participation and fun. The result is amazing entertainment remembered long after the show. During the electrifying 45-minute Mind-to-Mind show, David Winston interacts directly with the audience to “read” the minds, characters and feelings of the people around him — and reveals to the audience how they can, too.

David Winston is recognized by audiences as a truly gifted mentalist, mind reader, and corporate entertainer. David engages and astonishes even the most skeptical of audiences, providing them with extraordinary experiences that dramatize the untapped ability of the human mind. Everyone is thrilled with David’s demonstrations of thought reading and precognition.

David Winston has proven himself time and again to be the perfect entertainer for corporate events, conferences, parties, trade shows, hospitality suites, and other special events. You can be confident that David will leave your audience gasping in astonishment and asking for more.

Comments from some recent customers:Sterkly-79

“The San Diego Symphony is looking forward to working with David again. He is a true talent and a gentleman. His sensitivity and ability to speak up when the moment is there is priceless. He drives the conversation forward and made our event a success.” – Alina Strauss

“Thank you for a great job entertaining our guests last week.  You were a great addition to our event and everyone  loved you!!  Living in Gratitude!” Gordon McGregor, The Chopra Center

Sterkly-53“David Winston was right on.  How did he do it?” – Time Warner

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